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Mounting plate for elevation triangle Vario
Mounting plate for elevation triangle Vario
The mounting plate is used to attach the mounting profile to the Vario elevation triangle; 4 plates are required for each triangle.
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Einschubverbinder für Montageschiene
Slide-in connector for mounting rail
This slide-in connector is usually used for connecting two 40x40 mounting rails when building a photovoltaic resp. solar system. The middle part of the connector is compressed so that it cannot disappear in the profile. It is recommended...
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Endkappe Montageschiene grau
End cap mounting rail
The end cap can be attached to 40x40 mounting rails from the outside for a finished appearance. It closes the mounting rail at the open ends and has an opening for water drainage. The end cap is available in grey and black.
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Adapterplatte für Stockschraube M10
Adapter plate for hanger bolt M10
When building a photovoltaic resp. solar system, the adapter plate is used to connect the hanger bolt to the mounting rail. The hanger bolt is screwed with the wood thread into the substructure of the roof. Outside the roof, the adapter...
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Winkel ALU für Kreuzverband
Angle ALU for cross bracing
When building a photovoltaic resp. solar system, the angle usually serves as a connecting angle between two profiles in a cross connection. The angle is 4 cm wide, the short leg is 38 mm long, the longer leg 58 mm. The two long holes are...
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Schienenverbinder 4-Loch M10 A2 200x40mm
4-hole rail connector M10 A2 200x40 mm
The 4-hole rail connector can be used for all photovoltaic mounting rails that have a channel at the bottom (for M10 hexagon or hammerhead screw). It is bolted with four screws and four locking nuts.
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