KACO blueplanet 8.0 NX3 M2

High solar yields through optimized operation of the solar system are no problem with the right inverter. The blueplanet 8.0 NX3 M2 is a three-phase inverter from KACO that impresses with its flexibility, ease of use and high efficiency. It has an output of 8,000 W. The device can be used, for example, in the private sector for conventional solar systems on single-family homes. At the same time, the inverter from the German manufacturer KACO can also be used in the commercial sector. The maximum efficiency with which the blueplanet 8.0 NX3 M2 converts direct current into alternating current is 97.7%. Specialists manage the installation particularly quickly, thanks to Sunclix connections and functional design. Subsequent commissioning is child's play thanks to a user-friendly smartphone app. Thanks to RS485 interface, the connection of a smart meter is possible at any time.

Two integrated MPP trackers ensure the best possible optimized solar yields. Even east-west roofs or angled locations are therefore no problem for the blueplanet 8.0 NX3 M2 from KACO. Even photovoltaic systems with high-performance modules in a purely southern orientation can be implemented. This is because two MPP trackers connected in parallel allow twice the amount of current to be processed. Starting with a low starting voltage of 150 V, the very large operating range of the MPP trackers extends up to 1000 V.

Those who own a system from the first generation of photovoltaic systems can use the blueplanet NX3 M2 for repowering. In fact, it is ideally suited as a replacement for devices from KACO new energy's Powador family.

Key features

  • Two integrated MPP trackers

  • Wide MPP range 150 V - 1000 V

  • Functional, robust design

  • Integrated DC switch

  • Reverse polarity protection on DC side

  • User-friendly apps (incl. WiFi stick)

  • Sunclix connections

  • 10 years warranty

Name: 8.0 NX3 M2
Rated AC power: 8 kW
Max. DC power: 12 kW
DC voltage range: 150 - 1000 V
MPP trackers: 2 trackers
Phases: 3 phases
Inverter type: PV inverter
Warranty: 10 years