The Sunny Tripower CORE1 is a freestanding, 3-phase string inverter with 75 kW DC output for commercial systems that impresses with its outstanding performance, efficiency and design.

Advantage for installers: Thanks to its unique free-standing design, the device from SMA is installed up to 60% faster than other string inverters. Commissioning is also child's play. Simply scan the QR code and access the Smart Inverter Screen via WLAN! The start page of the commissioning wizard can be quickly accessed via the "Captive Portal".

Users benefit from the versatility and flexibility of the inverter. The power output can be scaled from 50 kW to the megawatt range. Overdimensioning of the PV generator by up to 150% is possible.

Even in diffuse light or shading, the Sunny Tripower CORE1 is able to ensure optimal energy generation of the solar system thanks to six independent MPP trackers. The intelligent OptiCool™ cooling system ensures reliable operation and maximum energy generation even under demanding conditions.

Key features

  • Freestanding unit with minimal installation effort

  • Scalable performance

  • 12 direct string inputs reduce labour and material costs

  • Easy installation and commissioning

  • Lower balance-of-system (BoS) costs

  • Reduced total cost of ownership (OPEX)

  • Integrated DC disconnect switch

  • WiFi access with any mobile device

  • Shade management SMA ShadeFix

If you have any questions about our photovoltaic products, you can reach us at any time.

Name: STP 50-40
Rated AC power: 50 kW
Max. DC power: 75 kW
DC voltage range: 150 - 1000 V
MPP trackers: 6 trackers
Phases: 3 phases
Inverter type: PV inverters
Warranty: 5 years (extension optional)