SolarEdge StorEdge SE5K-RWS

The StorEdge three-phase hybrid inverter from SolarEdge impresses with a particularly high efficiency of over 97 % and the associated efficient maximisation of self-power consumption.

SolarEdge inverters are specifically designed to operate with power optimisers and are designed to maximise the energy yield of PV systems. Commissioning of the StoreEdges is quick and intuitive, directly via smartphone or tablet using the SolarEdge SetApp.

Particularly noteworthy: The hybrid inverter are compatible with 48 V batteries from LG Chem and BYD and is available in different power classes.

Important: SolarEdge inverters only work in combination with a power optimizer. The SolarEdge power optimisers are also available in our shop.

Key features

  • Available in power classes from 5 kW to 10 kW

  • Quick and easy commissioning via SetApp

  • More safety by avoiding high voltage during installation and maintenance

  • Built-in monitoring at module level

  • Compatible with 48 V low-voltage batteries from various manufacturers

  • Indoor and outdoor installation possible

  • 12-year warranty

Name: SE5K RWS48BNN4
Rated AC power: 5 kW
Max. DC power: 6.75 kW
Phases: 3 phases
Inverter type: Battery inverters
Warranty: 12 years